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Is this game still being worked on?

I took a break and wrote Magirune. I had trouble with the story and drawing.

OK, Just though I ask.

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It seems that some of the current quests depend on things not yet coded.

I think it may be better to use the following color scheme:

Purple: requires not yet coded feature(s).
Red: depends on item/resource/feature provided by another quest.
Yellow: need to collect required resources/items
Green: click to spend resources/items.
Cyan:  go back to finish.
Blue:  completed.

I'll try to color idea, it's hard to make quest system understandable... but all quests should be doable.  The desert doesn't have anything yet. Do you like the added battles?

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The Help Water Lady quest doesn't work.
While it claims to need a cart like the First Stone quest, at the moment there is no means to obtain one for the former.

Due to the issues with water in the previous versions, I assumed that this meant that this quest is meant to activate water gathering, but that water gathering itself has not yet been implemented.

Like you said, the cart is needed to build the well. This time, there's a second village at around 7100m where you can get the cart. I updated the description of some two quests.

Your comment game me a good insight into how I can do quest description.

The problem is that said cart only activates the stone gathering, it does nothing for the Help Water Lady quest. (or was the intention to also obtain a cart in the first village?)

Thanks for all the feedback. I think I'll rethink the quest section. Seems like there's a few things that aren't working or isn't very good UI.

one problem: while the obtaining of resources can be disabled, the player-character still tries to gather them. This IMHO prevents it from being truly useful, as it doesn't allow her to spend more time on actually going forward.

That removed the whole point of that feature. I just fixed it, thanks :)

auto-advance oversight: when one does not have the storage for the required amount of food it will stay in the current section even if it does not provide all of the required materials. 

EG: section 10 (10000-11000) requires 500 food, but section 9 does not provide stone (and as water is not yet harvestable, stone is not mineable by the old man) which is needed for expanding food storage to that point.

I started the code from scratch and added battles. You gave me some good feedback last time. Would be nice to hear from you again :)

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have to enable/re-disable auto-advance on reload to get it to stay in the area I want it to stay.

displayed values have gotten corrupted, makes it impossible to know how far back I have to go to complete a quest.

possible cause found:

water-storage has no/corrupted post level-1 upgrades (also makes dessert unreachable)

It totally make sense. There isn't any content after that :( I'm working on it but now I know my weakness is story telling.

It might help if you lock buttons meant for future expansions and give them under-construction signs.

That's a good idea, thanks