Still in development.

After getting going to the empty chest, you are stuck in the cave and need to find an other way out.

This game combines my love of Magic Tower and Fairune. Casual dungeon crawler with a bit of puzzle aspect into it. Don't try to grind to much, killing newer enemies gives more xp.


W, A, S, D or ArrowsMovement
EUse potion

Killing an enemy the first time gives 10xp. Next time it is killed gives 1xp.


  • Sorry for everybody, there was a big problem that preventing playing properly.


  • Added hardcore mode. Appears under the Setting tab after beating the game.


  • Added a message before clearing the save game.
  • Fix some grammatical errors.
  • The ending image wasn't being displayed properly.


  • Got some comments on scrolls being useless and wanting to see enemies that were not killed. Now, when a scroll is capture, the enemies that were already killed will be a bit transparent.
  • Properly named the ending buttons (appears only when you unlock them).
  • Removed the focus on the "no grinding" text. It can be misleading and more people actually read the text than I tought.
  • Some sneaky people found how to cheat. Cheating will stop sending your rank (but will politely ask).

* Not all sites support ranking.


  • Added ability to view the ending again after seeing it once.
  • Added something for dont_sh00t_me.


  • Added sound effects and the ability to play muted. Hope they fix the game.
  • The XP always display from 0 to 200.
  • Fix a few bugs.


  • Using the arrows doesn't scroll the page.


  • Use hearth instead of numbers to display life
  • Moved things around to try to fit them for mobile
  • The checkpoint menu is a bit more interactive

Development log


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Please add a downloadable windows version! I much prefer downloading and playing a game then playing it on a browser.

First saw this on kongregate and just... keep coming back to it, what a simple but engaging game you've made here! I'll keep trying until I beat hardcore mode, though!

Thanks for the comment :)

Did you use an engine for this? And if so what did you use?


I only used JavaScript with a canvas without an engine. Well... a little bit of jQuery. It started to get complicated when I wanted to polish the game. Now I'm trying to convert it to GMS2.


This game is incredible!  I can't believe how much it pulled me in!  Hardcore puzzle is just so perfectly set up.  At first you feel like it's not possible... the level jump from Archers to Trolls threw me for a loop.  I finished it last night and was just awesome!  Bravo!  

Is this a solo project?  I love these types of games, what did you write / build it in?  


I'm really happy you liked it :)

It's a solo project and I built it only in JavaScript without framework. It was good at the beginning but doing any polishing like animation made it difficult. 

Hey, so I'm experiencing these bugs:

  • can't walk onto the stairs tiles
  • audio not playing in Safari, Chrome, Firefox
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Sorry about that :( It should work now.

No prob, thanks for the fix ! :)

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I won but this heart will forever haunt me as unreachable. PS I love the game thou

That box puzzle is tricky. I'm happy you love the game :)

Are you meant to be able to push two boxes at once cause I am stuck on a solution?

You can't push two blocks at the same time. If it's related to your last post, it's similar to floor 24 but on the side.

hi, great game but I don't get the second part, I'm lvl10 (I one-shot any monster without damage to myself) and yet I'm stuck on the purple skull: (when I'm inside, I can only push the boxes up and can't go past them) (the extra heart I just can't reach, the only way is through the boxes but there isn't a way to go past them (I have 4 torches left for the sword (or maybe it's a pickaxe?) but even going through every floor I really don't see any torch left)

also wasn't clear that dying is fine and needed to read your comment to understand that leveling up is required to kill higher level monsters.

I don't want to spoil to much but.. you need to push each side up then the middle to the side. As for the heart, it's not needed to finish the game. You still have an other section to do that'll have more torches :)

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oh! I'm stupid, thanks. I made it to the end, got that box puzzle done for the heart, etc. :D ok finished it but I died a few times so I'm a ghost :D

still unsure if the floor 1 entry can be accessed :D and for anyone wondering, I think max hearts is 8 (and max level is 17 maybe, it just says "max level" then)


I'm happy you liked the game! There's no way to go back to the beginning.

Been following the progress of your game quite closely and have to say, the addition of sound effects really adds depth to your game. I am wondering if you have plans to add background music in the future? I'm curious because I happen to be a classically-trained composer and music producer. (Incidnetally, I am also working on my own game as a hobbyist on my spare time).

Normally, I offer this as a paid service, but in some cases where I genuinely enjoy the game, I would be happy to volunteer my skills pro bono (at least to start). If you are interested, please check out my portfolio: You might have already heard my soundtrack for the game Nymble that I am working on. :)

If this doesn't interest you currently, or if you already have other plans, no worries. Feel free to reach out at later time.


Thanks for the proposition, your music is really good. I'm currently not ready to have music, I still got a bunch of stuff on my list. I bought a bundle of music but I might consider yours.

I just finished the game--very cleverly designed puzzles! I couldn't stop playing. I think your game has market potential. At times, I was reminded of how Zelda levels are designed: where the player can see areas they cannot yet access, which makes the player want to figure out how those areas can be later reached.

That box pushing puzzle on floor 21 was cleverly designed. At first, I thought it was something I was supposed to skip over and come back to later once I gained an extra ability. But after exhausting all options, I decided to go back and re-examine the puzzle, as well as how it connects to adjoining floors.


I'm happy you liked it :)

Now I'll have to update the small little things to make it enjoyable, like shaking the screen a little when an enemy is hit. I also got some negative feedback about the right part of the screen (the UI).

That was fun. I got stuck at a certain point and I couldn't open any doors as I didn't have any keys and the only monsters were too high level for me to move past. Great job though, nice and simple to play. Well done.


Did this happen in the first few floors? I'm happy to hear you had fun :)

Yes. I only reached one checkpoint and then couldn't seem to progress beyond that. I got to the room that needed the skulls but I couldn't reach any of them.


Thanks for the info, I'll see what I can do. I think there's an order of opening doors that makes to player stuck because all keys are now under doors that can't be open.

Not sure if this is a bug, but it looks like the spiders don't take any damage. Or do I have to get to a certain level first before I am strong enough?


Exactly, you need to be higher level. Just one more level actually. When you kill an enemy the first time, it gives 10xp. After that it only give 1 xp. It's a good idea to hunt new enemies :)

Ah thanks! Now I'm even more determined to figure out the right strategy to beat the game. :D

Fun Game! The concept and controls are simple and intuitive on keyboard. I really enjoyed the feeling of exploration when you enter to the next room via stairs.

Idea: If you make the healing potions heal a large amount of HP, then that might force the player to strategize how much damage they should take before they drink a potion. For example, if I see up ahead that there are 4 enemies blocking my way and my HP is 80% full, I might choose to save a potion for later.


  • Will this eventually be made mobile-friendly?
  • Do you have plans to implement smooth movement?
  • What are your long-term plans for this game?

Thanks for the feedback :) I'm pretty sure I bought your game on the old xbox in the market place.

In the next version, potion will be a collectible item. I think I might increase the health it give, good idea.

  • I want it to be mobile but had trouble with it, I'll do it later.
  • There are no plans for smooth movement. Maybe when I'm done my ToDo list.
  • Right now, I'm working on finishing the levels then adding save. I'm also playing with sounds.

Cool, thanks for the reply. Looking forward to your next update!

Hmm, it must have been someone else's game you are referring to, as I haven't released anything for sale yet. :)


Cool game, fun to play. Keep up the good work! :D


Thanks :) That made my day.