How I'll start developing my new game

Hello and welcome to my journey on how I'll create my new game. Today I'll talk about how I like to start my projects. I usually start by getting my ideas sorted out, simplify those ideas and then start developing.

Last year I created Magirune and this was my first completed game. It went way beyond my expectations. Before that, I created a concept game called Secret of the Basilisk but it ended being a bit more complicated than expected and that's why I ended up building Magirune which was much simpler do to. Now I want to start over Secret of the Basilisk using unity instead of JavaScript.

I don't know if you're like me but when I get ideas in my head they often just play on auto-repeat and never really evolve. Actually, I often end up doing nothing with those ideas. 

My first step is to always write everything down on paper. I'm not talking about a tablet or phone but with a real paper and a real pen. Actual writing seems to really help removing anything from inside my brain and sort of copy/paste it on paper. It could be the slowness of writing that help... I don't know. After writing a lot, I usually take the time to sort out those ideas and categorize them on the computer. Now, I just want to warn you, be careful with your ideas, sometime you might think you have a good one in your head but it's actually just an emotion and these can be tricky if kept in the head. Emotions can be good but we often get attached to them.

So. After having all the ideas down, it's time to simplify them. What need work is finding the base concept of the game, the simplest form of it. In my case, I wanted to create an incremental game. There's a lot of these type of game right now so I needed to find a twist. I was playing Crossy Road at that time and tough it would be awesome to have an idle adventure game using Crossy Road style. Having the visual as 2D isometric didn't seem to complicated to do.

And since it's going to be idle, I don't really need real-time movement. It could be faked by doing a turn based game but as soon as a turn is done, the next one would start. With this and the fact that it would all be tiled based, I wouldn't need to worry to much about complex collision since every action would be between cell of the grid. 

Now it's time to start building something. I already have a strong knowledge of programming so I usually start with that. If you are strong with graphic or story telling, you might want to start with concept art or lore. Let me know in the comments if you like to start with the programming, the art or the story.

Now that I got my base idea and the type of game. I will start programming. As you probably notice, I decided to start writing everything in a C# console application. Some of you are probably saying "What is he doing?!" but in everything that I've built, I always try to separate the UI from the core logic. This has always work really well with corporate application but I have no idea how this will work out for games. I've seen some tutorial on game programming and a lot of people just mix both together and it seems to be the norm. I'll start with the basic game logic and plug it in unity later on.

If you ever have any trouble starting up. Try these 3 steps and see if it help you out. If you want to see more don't forget to subscribe. I'm just starting out so even just one person subscribing will tell me I'm not to bad at this. I'll be talking to you again soon.

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