Player stats; 1.3 or 13?

I think I got the battles figured out (at least for now). After doing a few tests, I find the progression of everything a bit slow but increasing the speed wouldn’t make the game as idle as I hoped. I’ll see what happen when the new version goes live and I get feedback.

Right now, for example, an enemy can have 5 lives and the player would hit for 1 damage. When the players levels up, he would hit for 1.3 damage. It works, but it feels underwhelming. I’m thinking that everything should just be multiplied by 10. This mean, the enemy will have 50 lives and the player would hit for 10 damage, then would hit for 13 damages. Seems better. I don’t think I’ll go x100.

Maybe that’s why games have the player hit with crazy damage.

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