New quest UI

I'll update the game with the new UI for the quests. I'm still not happy with it but I'm happier than the previous version. Here, you can see that the button have better description of what they do. The "Go to nearest checkpoint" button actually put the player at the right checkpoint (no need to go to the map). The story is also added at the end in gray italic color. Lastly, the reward header is removed when there are no rewards to be displayed.

Hope this new update will make the game more fun, especially for new players.


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I've only just read this post but, the Nearest-Checkpoint button is nonfunctional in that regard.

Can you tell me which quest it isn't working to well? or is it for most of them?

from the water lady quest onward, all had this issue. (not going to reset simply to test something that is technically just a luxury)