Going back to the basic

The game is split into two parts. There’s the graphical part, where the player moves around and gather material (and in the future, fight). There’s also the idle part, where the different helpers do jobs and give out resources every x amount of time. I’ll focus on the graphical part for now.

The game is made out of tiles with each tile being a 45 degree cube. The 3D portion of the game is done in MagicaVoxel. Each cube is then exported as an image. I tried different drawing software and since I’m no artist, I found that drawing with voxels was the easiest for me to make something mildly decent. Anything changes made to the actual image file is done with paint.net.

For simplicity, all assets will be stuck in the bounds of a cube. But I’ll also allow asset to be inside two cube of height for things like trees. If an asset takes up more than one cube, it’ll make thing more complicated which I don’t want for now.


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