Why I decided to use a spritesheet

In the previous engine, all images were loaded one at a time. There were hundreds of images that needed to be downloaded. This was slow to download and took more space. I decided to go with a sprite sheet. I built an application that looks into the different image folders and loop through all the files. If some manipulation is needed (like rotation) it will create a new manipulated images. Then it finds the bounds of each image.

For now, all images are packed horizontally. There is no fancy packing algorithm used. But that shouldn’t matter for now since all the image information is stored in a JavaScript file with the image name (based on the filename), the location (x, y) and the margin (left, top). If later I decide to find a good packing algorithm, the engine will work since all the information is stored in that JavaScript file.

Everything is neatly stored in an array and it’s very easy to draw any image that I need. The size is also much smaller (before 1.6MB, now 600kb) and the client doesn’t need to call the server that often.

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