Relation between images

In the previous engine, I could not easily do animation because the link between images wasn’t well done. This time I decided to group images together. For example, all the images related to an arm would be grouped together with different property to identify which one to use when drawing.

In the example above, the group would be called “right_blue_arm” while each item in the group would have a world angle (1 to 4) and a type (idle, rotation, frame, …).

The entity (player) would be assigned the image group “right_blue_arm”. The drawing process would ask the question “For this image, I need the one at angle 2 with a rotation of 30 degree” and the item of that group would be returned.

Hopefully this will also work well for tiles. A tile would be assigned the “waterfall” image group and the drawing process would ask “For this image, what is the one at angle 3 for frame 2”.

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