Tile design

I’m in the process of designing the information contained in each tile. In the old engine, a tile was considered a wall or not. This started causing problem when I wanted to create houses, the player could not walk in corners since the whole tile was considered a wall. Now, this property will be on the edge of the tiles. Each tile will contain 4 properties that define if an entity can walk over an edge to go on the other tile. This might complicate path finding.

In the past, a tile contained 3 images; floor, back and front. This made things a bit complicated when I wanted to do wall and fence. Especially since a tile can be rotated, the back image could then become the front image. Now, the tile will contain 6 images; floor, middle and 4 edges. Depending on the angle on the tile, the images will be displayed in different order.

I think, having more properties/details on each tile will allow more flexibility in the design of each map.

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